The DR: Welcome to the Future of the Dominican Republic

Trade & logistics hub of the Caribbean

Trade & logistics hub of the Caribbean

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As we all know, a key goal of both our public and private sectors is to position the Dominican Republic as the logistics hub of the Caribbean. We all agree that the concept of “nearshoring” and the attraction of foreign investment, is paramount for future economic success on a global level. We believe that the Dominican Republic is uniquely positioned to allow investors to efficiently produce products and ship their goods in a timely and less costly manner. This allows them to lower prices, create better supply streams, and restore the ability for companies to increase depth of product availability and delivery of services –which will be vital for multinationals to remain competitive on the global stage in the future.

There are a host of factors that are driving transnational corporations to reevaluate their supply chains: geopolitical risk, mitigation of risk through diversification of supply chains, the need for speed to market, lowering transportation and logistic costs, reduction of carbon footprint, and more. The Dominican Republic is well positioned to benefit from these trends. For companies that are interested in a stable, resilient, and reliable platform close to the United States, the Dominican Republic has much to offer:

• A dynamic and diversified economy with the fastest growth in all of Latin America over the last 50 years.

• Over 50 years of uninterrupted democratically elected governments.

• An open economy with free trade agreements providing duty free access to the United States, European Union, and Central America.

• Legal security with effective and binding protections for investors.

• World-class maritime ports with frequent connections to major destinations – four days sailing to Florida and the Southeastern United States

• Modern airports with the highest level of connectivity in the region, moving both people and cargo.

• Geographic proximity to the largest market in the world, the U.S.A.

• Public-private partnership and alignment with National Nearshore and Logistics Hub strategies.

• Significant fiscal incentives for investment in Free Trade Zones (nearshore) and Logistics Centers with un-rivaled connectivity throughout the region

As you will see in this special report, the Dominican Republic is a vibrant, diverse, and fast-growing economy, with modern infrastructure and a legal framework that provides transparency and certainty to foreign investors. If your company is considering restructuring your supply chains and logistical requirements, you should give the DR a closer look, and AMCHAMDR is here to help you in that process.

William Malamud 

Executive Vice President 


[email protected] 

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